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If you live in Shohola or the surrounding area and need a trusted veterinarian to care for your pets – look no further. Dr. Livia DeMeo is a licensed Pennsylvania veterinarian, treating all types of pets. Your pets’ health and well-being are top priority to us, and we take every possible measure to give your animals the care they deserve.

Shohola Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal hospital and welcomes both emergency treatment cases as well as pet patients in need of routine medical, surgical, and dental care. Dr. Livia DeMeo has years of experience treating serious conditions and offering regular pet wellness care. Beyond first-rate pet care, we make our clinic comfortable, kid-friendly, and calm, so your pet can relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting our Shohola veterinarian.

We are happy to offer a number of resources that enable you to learn about how to take better care of your pets. Please feel free to browse our site, particularly the informational articles. The best veterinary care for animals is ongoing nutrition and problem prevention, so becoming knowledgeable about preventative pet care is essential to the ongoing success of your animal’s health. If you have any questions, call (570) 409-3565 or email us at and we'll promptly get back to you. Our veterinarian office is very easy to get to -- just check out the map below! We also welcome you to subscribe to our newsletter, which is created especially for pet owners.

At Shohola Veterinary Hospital, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

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Meet the Staff

  • Kali Pepin

    Kali is a Veterinarian Technician Assistant at Shohola Veterinary Hospital. She has experience with both General Practice and Emergency Medicine. At home Kali has a chocolate lab named Svetlana & a french bulldog named Lizzie Borden! They enjoy hiking, hanging out with family and binge watching true crime documentaries. She looks forward to helping you and your furry friends.

  • Kayla Quinlan

    Kayla is one of the surgical technicians at Shohola Veterinary Hospital. It has always been a passion of hers working with and helping animals. When Kayla is not at work, she spends her time with her husband and all of their pets on the “Funny Farm”. They have dogs, cats, horses, goats and even a pot belly pig! Kayla loves to spend time outside playing with her animals, hiking with her dogs, and riding her horses.

  • Krystal Lillman

    Krystal is one of the surgical technicians at The Shohola Veterinary Hospital. For as long as she could remember she always had a passion for animals and loved working with them. Krystal graduated from the vet tech program, through Bergen County Community College. She has been working in the field for 12 years. When Krystal is not helping our wonderful patients at the hospital, she loves to spend time with her family and pets.

  • Christina Greenwich

    Chrissy is one of the veterinary technicians at Shohola Veterinary Hospital. Since high school she has known that she wanted to work with animals. She has been a technician for 12 years, and has worked at several different specialty and emergency hospitals. Chrissy organizes and oversees all continuing education and training programs for Shohola’s staff, ensuring we are up to date with current and upcoming industry standards. Chrissy and her husband have a son, 2 twin daughters, 2 dogs and 3 cats. Chrissy enjoy the outdoors, tubing, kayaking and bowling. 

  • Dr. Livia DeMeo

    Dr. Livia DeMeo as a young girl knew she wanted to be a veterinarian. She was born and raised in New Jersey and her parents are immigrants from Poland. She decided to pursue her Veterinarian Education in Poland and attend Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Science where she studied and graduated in 2003. She took all her United States Certifications Courses and received her certifications from E.C.V.F.G. and license through the American Veterinary Medical Association. Before opening her own practice she worked at Family Vet in Montague, New Jersey and at Advanced Veterinarian Care in Franklin, New Jersey on weekends as an Emergency Doctor. She opened Shohola Veterinary Hospital on April 04, 2016. Dr. DeMeo is also a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). She currently resides in Milford, PA with her husband, 4 children, 4 dogs, and 3 cats. In her spare time she loves to do outdoor activities.

  • Cailin Doerre

    Cailin is one of the receptionists at Shohola Veterinary Hospital. She's always had a compassion for all animals, and is thrilled to be working at Shohola Vet. When not working Cailin enjoys spending time with her dog Sasha.

  • Jessica Shinn

    Jessica is our lead receptionist and has worked in the veterinary field for over 9 years. She always knew she had a love for animals and knew she wanted to work in a field where she could contribute to helping them. Jessica is proud to say that she has a job she truly loves and enjoys. She is married with two dogs and 1 cat at home, in her spare time she enjoys kayaking, painting and playing video games.

  • Dr.
    Joan Gramazio

    Dr. Joan Gramazio ­ knew that she wanted to become a veterinarian at a young age. Dr. Gramazio loves being a veterinarian because a great benefit is the ability to promote health and welfare for not only animals but the general public as well. Being a veterinarian allows her to constantly keep learning new skills in small, large, and exotic animals and furthers her passion for the field of helping animals.

    Dr. Gramazio passions lie in working with exotic animals. She has 5+ years’ experience with caring and treating exotic animals, pocket pets, the avian species, small animals, and farm animals. Though she still enjoys working with small animals, one of her favorite animals to care for is pigs.

    Dr. Gramazio joins Shohola Veterinarian Hospital from Monroe NY. Dr. Gramazio received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. While attending her last year of veterinary school at University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine she worked with production swine and production cattle through veterinary externships. Upon graduating veterinary school in 2013 she has worked with public services such as volunteering her skills and care to local Humane Society’s, animal Sanctuary’s, animal rescues, and Morris Animal Foundation. She attends annual conferences to better her education in small and exotic medicine.

    When Dr. Gramazio isn’t treating her patients, she can be spending time with her six rescues Chuck, Devo, Boo, Addy, Maxine, and Bella. A fun fact about Dr. Gramazio is she can be found rebuilding her 1971 Plymouth, oil painting/drawing, refurbishing antiques, traveling, and raising money by running 5k races.

Hear From Happy Pet Owners

  • "They are wonderful and so caring! Highly recommend them!!! I would also like to thank them for how wonderful they were to me and my family yesterday when we had to let our angel girl Molly go. Thank you again to all of you!!"
    Pat Nielsen
  • "My Puppy Kobe was treated by Dr. DeMeo for over 2 years, she helped him live longer with epilepsy by putting him on the best meds. She would make house calls to check on him and I highly recommend. The staff is always super sweet."
    Jovan Russotto
  • "Best vet experience I ever had! The staff is unbelievably great and my cat was treated like a queen there. Thank you for helping my cat get better."
    Sonja Palm
  • "I love the staff here! The prices are right, they are close to home and my animals love their Doctor!"
    Melissa Norman
  • "Finally a vet office that has a heart! Thank you for all you do!"
    Lora Ubaldi
  • "Dr. DeMeo & staff are absolutely amazing. They truly care about every animal that walks through their doors. The love & compassion they have for each individual animal and their families show. They have gone above and beyond for my 3 fur babies & I am truly grateful. I will not go anywhere else. Thank you all so much again for the unconditional love you have had and continue to show towards my babies. Your all awesome!"
    Kayla Spears
  • "Emergency visits are handled quickly & professionally. Even on their Surgery Day!!!"
    Carmel Correa
  • "What a wonderful and caring staff. Always going that extra mile to reassure not only your pets, but the owners as well. Will recommend them to others!"
    Kris Lopez
  • "Doctor DeMeo and her staff are excellent. Chico just loves them and so do I, thank you for all you guys do."
    Donna Eckman
  • "I can not believe how great they are, they treated my dog wonderfully. Jade never was treated so well at a vet. I wish I realized how great they are so I could have transferred a long time ago."
    Pegster Mccue
  • "The staff and doctor are wonderful. I am only here in the summer, and whenever I have a problem with my dog, they take her right in. Highly recommend this Vet."
    Karen Fagan
  • "Outstanding treatment and care of our cat, who’s had extensive dental surgery done. Dr. And technicians were very careful not to be intrusive. They are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and you can put your mind at ease that your pet will be well taken care of. The professionalism is outstanding, and they go above and beyond to make sure you and your animals are at lease and taken care of.

    Thank you Shohola Veterinary Hospital."
    Kimeshri Reddy
  • "Compassionate. Gentle and professional veterinary group. Highly recommend."
    Denise Fey
  • "Caring staff. Always take great care of my babies!"
    Robin Bednarski
  • "I just want to thank Dr. L and her staff, for making Rascal and I feel very special. Their professionalism , consideration, and utmost kindness, made saying goodbye to my precious baby , less painful. Thank you again, and God Bless all of you ."
    Anne Marie Celentano
  • "Great service !!! Vet is very helpful and explains everything she is doing. The girls are great and helpful."
    Alan Villa
  • "I have never been to this vet before, they let me in same day along with my husband and son so we can be with our babies at the end. The staff was amazing and caring, the doctor was thorough, and the experience, though so painful, was so peaceful. I cannot say enough about this Vet notch and so caring."
    Lisa Ginger
  • "Such great and caring staff my baby was new to the vets office and they were so great with majesty!!! Thanks so much."
    Kelly Pittenger
  • "They are simply the best. They have saved koras life several times and i am beyond words for how great the entire place is. Kora and Titan are very lucky and thankful."
    Edward C. Smith

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