It can be difficult to gauge the health of a exotic pet on a day to day basis, which is why regular veterinary care is essential to long term wellness. All species should visit an exotic specialist at least once a year, such pets like rabbits and bearded dragons should have more regular visits.

From rabbits and guinea pigs to birds and reptiles, exotic animals come in all forms. In order to treat all these different species, our veterinarians must require a broad set of knowledge and skills. while the general principles remain the same across all species, our exotic patients require more careful handling and specific treatments. As a result, treatment and care are typically given to canine and felines may simply not apply to an exotic.

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In general, diagnosing an exotic animal can be tricky as symptoms do not always manifest as clearly as they do in other animals. They tend to hide their symptoms much longer than Cats and Dogs. They vet may ask to perform a variety of tests to ensure that they get the clearest result possible. We highly recommend to bring your exotic pet to someone who is specially trained in the field.

Medical services we offer for exotic animals include lab work, X-ray radiology, ultrasounds, and soft tissue surgery. when you bring us your exotic animal, our team can triage and provide treatment tailored to the needs of your pet. For emergency care for your exotic animal look no further than Shohola Veterinary Hospital.

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At shohola Veterinary Hospital we recognize the unique needs of exotic pets please don't hesitate to contact us for any more information.

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